A Diaper Bag That Parents Don’t Have to Carry

If your toddler is old enough to walk but still in diapers or pull ups, and you’re tired of lugging around a traditional diaper bag, then invest in a Skip Hop backpack instead. No, not the backpack diaper bag for adults. The kids backpacks. I don’t remember the exact reason why we bought one, but we ended up putting all of the usual diaper bag necessities in the Skip Hop and making someone carry her own stuff. It’s turned out to be the one of the best diaper bags we’ve bought. Now the only thing you have to hold is your kid’s hand.

We were able to fit about four diapers in the front pocket without it bulging too much. In the main compartment, there’s plenty of room for a change of clothes, some snacks, travel-sized lotions, and a few toys. You just have to be careful not too make it too heavy. Take it from me, don’t put it bottled water in there. There’s  side pouch for that but we use it a compartment for sunglasses.
skip-hop-backpack-polar-bearskip-hop-backpack-side-pouch skip-hop-backpack-polar-bear-main-compartment skip-hop-backpack-polar-bear-main-compartment-emptyskip-hop-backpack-polar-bear-front-pouch


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