Free Unlimited Storage for All of Your Phone Pictures

When you get the low storage warning on your phone, it can be a pain trying to figure out what to delete. It’s likely that the main culprits are photos and videos. Some Android phones have the option for expandable storage so that’s one possibility. iPhone users are out of luck there. Without any options for expandable storage, you have to backup your photos in the cloud or on a computer before you can delete those files to create some additional space. Google Photos is probably the best cloud option, and it’s free.

Google Photos offers unlimited storage for all of your photos and videos on your Android and iOS devices. The only restrictions are that photos are limited to 16MP and videos are limited to 1080p HD. Saving higher quality files will result in out-of-pocket costs. The free option won’t downgrade the picture quality so your pictures will still great on your phone, tablet, or computer.


Aside from the space-saving benefits, here’s a list of what the Google Photos Assistant can create with your photos:

  • Albums
  • Animated GIFs
  • Collages
  • Movies

After you’ve backed up your photos, the Assistant works in the background to create one or more of those types of files from batches of photos. For example, if you take pictures of someone making funny faces, it can create an animated GIF of all of those faces. It’s fun to watch and share. The movies use a combination of photos and videos and automatically assign music to it. You can create every thing manually too, but it’s fun (and a little scary) to see what the app can create on its own. I’ve even seen it create a panoramic photo that was stitched together from multiple photos.

Similar to Facebook, the Assistant also shares photos on the anniversary date of when you took it.


My library of a couple of thousand photos takes up 13.3GB on my phone. That same library in Google Photos takes up only 1.4GB.


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