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Hilton Vancouver Airport Review

I’ve only been to Canada twice in the few years that I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest. Both times I’ve stayed at the Hilton Vancouver Airport and it’s going to be tough to want to try another property on future trips. The service has been great, food is good, and the overall hotel is clean and inviting. If you’re a Hilton Hhonors member, this hotel is a great property for an award redemption.

The Hilton Vancouver Airport is actually located in Richmond, which is just a short drive to Vancouver and the airport. The hotel is about a block away from the Richmond Centre shopping mall, and there is no shortage of Asian dining options in the immediate vicinity. It’s located on a block that is adjacent to a major road so depending on the time of day you’re traveling, there could be a lot of traffic trying to get through that main artery.

Hotel Arrival

When you enter the hotel from Minoru Blvd., you’ll make a right turn into the garage. On your right side, there will be a few spaces for you to pull over and load/unload your bags. The hotel entrance is also located here. I would recommend driving just a few more feet into the garage and you’ll see some dedicated parking stalls for guests who are checking-in.

As soon as you enter the hotel, the front desk will be on your right side. You’ll pass a little snack bar area just before the desk. The lobby itself offers plenty of seating, including a little workspace area.

Hilton Vancouver Airport main lobby

The main lobby of the Hilton Vancouver Airport

hilton vancouver airport lobby refreshment center

Lobby refreshment center

Hilton Vancouver Airport Lobby Work Area

Lobby workstation


What really makes this hotel a great value, especially for parents with young children, is the option to get a junior suite for a slightly higher cost than a standard room. If you’re redeeming Hilton Hhonors points for an award stay, you get even better value. With Hilton Hhonors’ Premium Room Rewards rate, you generally pay more points for a non-standard room. That’s not the case at this hotel. You can book a junior suite for the same price as a standard room.

Standard room vs. Junior Suite rate comparison

In the United States, junior suites are often just larger rooms without any walls or doors separating the bed from the living area. I can’t speak for other hotels in Canada, but at this hotel, the junior suite does have a door separating the two. When you’re traveling with toddlers, having a suite for the room separation is a huge benefit. The sofa in the living room is also a pullout.

Another plus for parents is the ability to move the bed. We pushed the bed on the right side of the room up against the wall and made a pillow barrier to prevent Cara from falling out of bed.

My only complaint is that the pillows were too soft. There wasn’t a lot of support for my head and neck since they both just sunk. The bed itself was fine.

It appears that the junior suites are all located across from the elevators. Elevator noise itself is almost unnoticeable if you’re watching TV. Voices can be heard but it’s not that bad unless they’re speaking loudly. Since the bedroom is at the back of the room with a door separation, there shouldn’t be any issues with hallway noise waking up the kids.

In order to get to your room, a keycard is required. This is in effect 24/7.

Junior suite living room at Hilton Vancouver Airport

Junior Suite Living Room

Hilton Vancouver Airport Junior Suite desk area with mini-fridge

Desk and mini-fridge

Hilton Vancouver Airport Junior Suite hallway

Hallway with closet (left) and bathroom (right)

Junior suite 2 double beds

Double beds are a little tight for two adults

Junior suite bathroom

Probably the same bathroom no matter what type of room


The dining area was renovated in 2014. It has a very nice modern look and feel to it. The food is good and the servers were all very friendly and quick to fulfill your requests. If you’re dining here for breakfast, they offer a full buffet which includes the standard breakfast fare plus an Asian dish:

  • Scrambled eggs (with and without cheese)
  • Made-to-order omelettes
  • Breakfast meat (sausage links and bacon)
  • Breakfast potatoes
  • Congee
  • Pancakes
  • Oatmeal
  • Fresh fruit
  • Yogurt
  • Pastries
  • Toast
CAVU Kitchen & Bar restaurant

CAVU dining area

Complimentary Wi-Fi

I found the wi-fi to be sufficient for web browsing and social media, but I didn’t try to stream any videos. Being out of the country, my T-mobile plan would have charged me $0.20/minute for phone calls, which is not bad if I really had to make a call. With the complimentary wi-fi, my phone was able to use wi-fi calling when I had to call my credit card company to notify them I was out of the country. That experience did have a few hiccups but eventually the connection stabilized and I was able to complete my call. I may have still been charged for the Wi-Fi calling but I think it was still at the $0.20 rate.


If you’re parking a vehicle, it costs $14.95 CAD ($11.69 USD). At check-in, they do ask for your license plate number so I can only imagine that they do have someone checking cars. The parking lot is actually shared with the next door Sheraton, so only certain floors are designated for the Hilton. Unfortunately, I don’t remember off the top of my head. I want to say floors 2, 3, and 5. The floors are clearly marked so you shouldn’t have any issues. The two times I’ve been there, I’ve never had an issue finding a parking space on the second floor, which also has a secure entrance to the second floor of the hotel.

If you’re traveling to/from the airport, the hotel offers a complimentary shuttle.

Final Thoughts

I’m the type of person who doesn’t always want to deviate from what I know is safe. After a couple of great stays here, I feel this hotel has definitely made the safe list. When traveling with family, you really can’t beat the value here. For the price of a regular room reward, getting a junior suite that functions as a regular suite is huge. With tons of shopping and dining options just steps from the hotel, and being a short drive to Vancouver, this is a great hotel to call home for a few nights.


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