How We Healed Baby and Toddler Eczema

My wife and I both have skin conditions. I had acne during my teen years and my wife has eczema. With both of us having some type of skin condition, I’ve always worried about what we would pass on to our daughter. The eczema appeared within a few months of her being born, and I guess I have a decade before I have to worry about the acne.

For baby eczema, we tried a bunch of different over-the-counter lotions and creams. Baby Aquaphor is too greasy and we didn’t see enough results to warrant continued use. Within minutes of applying baby Aveeno lotion and cream, her skin was dry again. With all of these products for baby eczema not working, our pediatrician recommended CeraVe Moisturizing Cream, which is also over-the counter. They don’t advertise as being for babies though. This CeraVe product is approved by the National Eczema Association.


This showed the most results, and we still use it daily. For awhile, we alternated between the cream and the CeraVe healing ointment. It’s similar to the Baby Aquaphor, but we actually saw some positive results and it’s less greasy. We started to feel like we were making progress but Cara still had rashes and flare ups. The only other thing left to change was the soap.

We were using Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar, which is adequate for my wife’s eczema but it really wasn’t doing much for Cara. My brother-in-law suggested we try using a natural soap for eczema. His friend used one of these organic soaps with his son and had success. The reviews are great on Amazon and we had a first-hand account so we picked up a box of True Essentials Sensitive Skin Soap.



For $13.99, you get two bars of soap. This may sound expensive, but there are two things to consider.

  1. It’s organic, so that automatically raises the price.
  2. Another highly rated organic soap sold on Amazon charges $11 for ONE 4 oz. bar. I’ll pay the extra $3 to get almost double the amount of soap.

After the first use of this soap, we started to see improvements in Cara’s skin. After about a week (two to three baths), we saw a pretty big turnaround. The rashes and flare ups stopped, and her skin wasn’t nearly as dry. We’ve probably been using it for about a month now, and her skin looks a lot healthier. We met up with a friend who we hadn’t seen in almost eight months and he noticed how much her skin had improved.

By the way, the soap smells really good. It reminds me of a spa.

Before Using True Earth Essentials Soap




As the popular saying goes, every child is different. I guess for Cara, her eczema was pretty bad since nothing was working consistently. The combination of True Earth Essentials Sensitive Skin Soap and CeraVe Moisturizing Cream has been the magical formula for us. If your child has eczema and nothing seems to work, then I highly recommend trying these two products. If you click on the CeraVe link earlier in this post, you can get a $2 coupon for any CeraVe product.



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