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My Love-Hate Relationship with Frozen’s Let it Go

For some reason, the song Let it Go from the Frozen soundtrack is adored by all of the little princesses out there who watched the movie. The official music video on Youtube has over 537 MILLION views, and the sing-along version has over 827 million! How crazy is that? It goes without saying that any parent with a young daughter is likely tired of hearing, listening, and singing along to that song. That definitely applies to me, but something happened during my last trip to Disneyland. I heard a different version of the song and now I can’t stop listening to it!

If you’ve watched World of Color Celebrate at Disneyland’s California Adventure, you’ve probably heard it during the show. But did you notice it? The version that’s played during World of Color has a different arrangement. The background music is played by an orchestra. If you like watching serious movies with dramatic scores and emotional music, this version of Let it Go will likely appeal to you.

When I was watching the show and the piano intro to the song started, I tuned it out, just like I’ve been programmed to do. Then, just before the chorus hit, I heard a tiny variation to the song and I immediately became interested.

If you haven’t seen World of Color and prefer to watch it in person, don’t watch this next video. The Frozen sequence runs from 10:15 through 12:50 on this particular video. The song sounds just as you’d expect until 11:08.

If you still want to take a listen to the orchestral version of Let it Go without watching the actual World of Color show, you can use this audio-only “video” (the Frozen sequence starts at 10:11):

It would be great if Disney would release the full track but I’m not holding my breath. As much as I like this version, I think it works best for World of Color and wouldn’t adapt very well to the movie. The orchestral version just creates a whole new mature vibe to the song.

Just in case you want to hear the original to compare it to the World of Color version, here’s that video for you:


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