Songs I’m Not Ashamed to Like

Before my daughter was born, I mentally prepared myself for the days when I’d be driving somewhere while bumping some Wheels on the Bus, Old MacDonald Had a Farm, and any other popular nursery rhyme or kid song. I won’t lie. The sing along car rides can be fun and it’s great bonding time. As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, my daughter has her own playlist in my Google Play Music account. Surprisingly, she chose very few children’s classics. I don’t know if that’s a win or a fail on my part. Aside from the songs that we introduced to her, she’s found some songs on her own by watching cartoons. A couple of her favorites are LEGO Friends and Strawberry Shortcake. I have to be honest though, a lot of the songs from those shows are catchy. Some by design while others have grown on me. I’m looking at you, Sofia the First.

The first time I heard one of them, I was making dinner and not really paying attention to the show. I just remember thinking to myself, “Hey this song’s pretty cool. Where’s this from?” And then I found out…

LEGO Friends

From my understanding, this show is about five girlfriends who go to school, do girl stuff, and sing songs in between crises and drama (saving dolphins and arguing over who saw the cute boy first). What a formula. If you like pop/dance music, you might enjoy some of these songs too.

Here’s the theme song:

I didn’t realize they had a video with real dancers. Wow. Just wow.

I think this next song is the one that caught initially caught my attention:

I hope Cara doesn’t release her inner jungle girl anytime soon.

And then there’s this one that sounds like the beat was sampled from Gwen Stefani’s Hollaback:

I’ve never seen these LEGO Friends videos before. Writing this post has been an experience, to say the least.

Strawberry Shortcake

This cartoon appears to be about five girlfriends who do girl stuff, have names based on fruit, and maybe have a band? Strawberry shortcake songs span a few more genres than LEGO Friends. There’s some pop, dance, and even pop-country.

This one is my jam:

This one is Cara’s jam:

In conclusion…

They’re not the worst songs in the world.


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