Three Chocolate Options for Kids with a Milk Allergy

Growing up, chocolate milk was one of my favorite drinks. It still is. I remember watching a sitcom when I was younger where someone poured chocolate syrup in their mouth, took a swig of milk, and then swished the two ingredients around in their mouth. Of course I tried it. It was pretty awesome. I’m a little bummed that our little one won’t be able to do stupid stuff like that. With her allergy to cow’s milk, we wondered how or when she could taste the goodness that is chocolate. Fortunately there are plenty of options out there, but there are three products that particularly stand out in our household.

Chocolate Silk

This was the first chocolate product that we gave to our daughter. Since she can’t have cow’s milk or actual chocolate, Chocolate Silk worked out fine. First, it’s soy milk. Second, the chocolate flavoring comes from cocoa. If you’re like me, you might be wondering what’s the difference between chocolate and cocoa. The main difference between the two is that chocolate includes cocoa butter, while cocoa does not.

Silk produces additional varieties of chocolate flavored beverages, including:

  • Dark chocolate almond milk
  • Light chocolate soy milk
  • Chocolate cashew milk

The sugar count on these drinks is pretty high so moderation is key. Compared to Silk’s original almond milk flavor, the chocolate beverages have almost twice the amount of sugar.

Clif Kid ZBar

If you’re taking your child to an allergist, make sure you get clearance from your doctor to try this. We were given clearance to try baked goods with milk ingredients so we tested out the ┬áchocolate chip flavor Clif Kid ZBar. It tastes good and it’s pretty dense, so it’s a filling snack. I’ve never seen my daughter eat more than one at a time, and she doesn’t eat much more after this bar unless she’s really hungry.


Just like the Silk though, the sugar count is a little up there at 12 grams.


I’m not really sure if this counts as chocolate but believe it or not, Oreo cookies are free from chocolate-type allergens. I always thought the cream filling would be the deal breaker. We prefer the Oreo Thins over the original size. It’s less messy and it’s easier to regulate the portions. There’s also a lemon flavor in the Oreo Thin family, which is actually pretty tasty.



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