Three Weeks Left for Disney Store Summer Play Days

Each summer, the Disney Store holds its Summer Play Days event where they give away free stuff every week. The free items are part of a theme for the entire summer. This year it’s a Tsum Tsum wristband (as you can see from the main image, above). In order to receive a wristband, you have to participate in the event, which typically lasts about five to 10 minutes. The events are different each week. We’ve had activities such as learning how to draw a Disney character, a parade within the store, playing a match game, or learning how to do the Hot Dog Dance. Check with your local Disney Store to confirm the time(s) of their event(s). One store near me has two events daily, while another store has only one each day.

If you collect all 14 wristbands, you can get bonus Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Tsum Tsum wristbands. You’ll have to take your collection to a Disney Store between 8/31/16 and 9/5/16 to show them to a Cast Member so they can verify your collection.

We missed the first item of Summer Play Days this year, which was the Dory Tsum Tsum wristband. Each week’s wristband is normally available for an entire week, from Wednesday to Tuesday. For whatever reason, Dory was only available for four days. We called both stores and neither of them had any in stock. They also said they weren’t getting anymore. We were all bummed that we wouldn’t be able to get the Mickey and Minnie wristbands.

As luck would have it, we went to the Disney Store on a Thursday one week and what do you know? They said it was “Throwback Thursday” so we had the opportunity to pick up a wristband that we may have missed. BOOM. We got our Dory. They also announced they had a “Make-up Monday.” If you started attending the Summer Play Days events a little late, check with your local Disney Store to see if they have these make-up days. Opting for a wristband that you missed means you can’t get the current week’s wristband, but only for that event. Just go to another event within the same week/day and get the current one.


If you’re just finding out about Summer Play Days and your collection is starting with the Cogsworth Tsum Tsum wristband (which is being released today 8/17), then it’s mathematically impossible to collect all of the previous Tsum Tsum wristbands, unless you have more than one kid and they’re willing to pool the wristbands together to share a collection. This also assumes that your local Disney Store holds two events each day AND has two make-up days each week.

If the make-up events aren’t feasible, you can always head over to eBay, where there are a number of listings for past wristbands. Prices appear to range between $7 and $12, with a few outliers/greedy people.

There are also a couple of additional wristbands that aren’t advertised. First, there is a Nemo Tsum Tsum wristband that is only available for Disney Visa cardmembers. Then there’s a Sea Otter Tsum Tsum wristband (pictured above between Nick Fox and Judy Hops from Zootopia) from Finding Dory. I’ve heard a couple of different stories about how to get this one. It’s either for doing a good deed or completely random. I had my daughter go ask what she could do to get one and the Cast Member was nice enough to give her one. Neither of these wristbands are required to complete the set for the Mickey and Minnie wristbands.


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